Saturday, May 16, 2009

Europe Confidential?!?!

Yosemite National Park--a great place to receive a job offer!

Hiking the paths at the base of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park last Wednesday, my cell phone rang. On the other end, a contact of mine at a client I have at a multi-national, intergovernmental agency. Would I be interested, she asked, in coming to Geneva, Switzerland, ASAP for at least a month or more to be an on-site editor and writer for them?

Um. YES!

Problem, though. I was still nearly 1,000 miles from my final destination and my passport was expired. The result: we spent Monday in San Francisco having my passport expedited, then finished driving up to Langley, Washington. I arrived Friday night (May 15) and am trying to get some of my boxes unpacked while also trying to pack for a six week stay in Geneva.

I'm bummed not to be starting my Whidbey Island Confidential blog and I still have five or six posts to put up on my D.C. Confidential blog finishing up our road trip across America. On the other hand, I'm going to Geneva, Switzerland! Yoda-lay-hee-hoo!

So, I'll be blogging from Geneva and photographing life in Switzerland, France (where I'll be living), and any other countries I happen to visit during my days off. Stay tuned...

P.S. On another note, the folks at City Daily Photo Blog won't approve this blog for inclusion in CDPB because it covers the entire island and not just one city on the island. I understand their rules for inclusion and don't dispute them, but I'm trying to decide whether to change this to Langley Daily Photo so it can be included or just let it go and hope for the best. What do you think, fellow photo bloggers?


  1. some of the rules at CDPB seem strange when many accepted blogs ignore them. Of course I don't know how big Whidbey island is but does Eric?

    Anyhow good luck in Geneva and I'll visit you anyway.

  2. Hyde: I think many of us fudge the rules for CDPB. For example, I post pictures of places I've traveled to, but obviously aren't Washington, D.C. In that respect, I'm not really playing by the rules. On the other hand, if all I did was photograph the town I'm going to be living in on Whidbey Island, I'd run out of material in a month! I'm sure Eric looked up Whidbey Island before approving/not approving my blog and found that there are nine or ten towns/villages on the island. While I want to feature as much of the island as possible, I think he's right in that it doesn't fit the criteria for a CDPB.

  3. Change it to Langley DP and post the surrounding area. Many other DPB's do this all the time and are not removed :)

  4. I don't think it really matters if you are on the City Daily Photo Bloggers list (especially when you aren't concerned with your stats). I'm not because I want to be able to post photos about more than just Seattle.

  5. They publish the first photo of the group--so you could have a city photo first and then a story on whatever you wanted--IF you wanted to be included--you can get readers just by visiting and commenting. And the readers you get from a photo shown on the site are not necessarily repeat visitors--they come because they saw something intriguing. By the way, Stoney Creek Metropark is NOT in the CITY of Detroit (but it is the the Detroit area). As someone mentioned, we all fudge a little, and why not? Anyone who comes to Detroit for a visit is not necessarily going to confine themselves to the center of the city!

    I hope you have a BLAST in Switzerland! Whata great opportunity. Pretty photo!!